Blue King Leather is a store for Fashion Garments,Gothic Clothing,Motorbike Garments ,Cowboy Hats, Steampunk Hats,Bags and all other Genuine Leather accessories for retail and wholesale buyers that has been providing customers all over the world with great brands and friendly service, since 2006.


Providing good quality clothing and friendly service have been our mission since day one, and we have applied the same principle to our online shop when we went online in 2010: make you feel like shopping at your favorite local shop, by providing personalized, hassle free returns, and secure payment options. And of course fast shipping.


Our team is like a family, and most of us have been working together for almost a decade. We all have our specialties and responsibilities, but what we all have in common is our passion for fashion: every piece of clothing, every accessory or glove has been hand-picked by someone from our team.


We only sell apparel we love to wear ourselves, which we can endorse wholeheartedly, because it's authentic, it's creative, the quality is right, and it feels great to wear. Those are our selection criteria. All content on this website is the exclusive property of Blue King Leather and / or it's respective business partners. All rights reserved.


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